Communist Easter Egg Hunt Society

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Drug Czar Toppled By Drug Bolsheviks

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For so many years the bourgeoiuse instiution of the Capitalist Easter Egg and Bunny Chololate festivities has oppreassed us under the sugary yolk of purple monarchist tin foil. Thereforth and so on here be in resolved that all peoples herein the new democratic socialist egg hunting soviets will no longer put up with that nonsensical wherewithall. As a result the central commitee of the politburo degrees that all hunter gathering cooperatives immediately cease and desist all easter eve vodka/ egg / poster or music planning and burn all reference to the unparty-like influences of the CEEHS. (The CEEHS no longer exists and nor did it ever). Even after 10 years this Gang of Four had polluted our good socialist Republic. China calls on all of her equal minions to please not leave your houses this 7 April 2007 and please to expunge all references forthwith.

As such, the website in now officially banned. Please do not call this number anymore.

Solidarity Comrades!


Comrades: 2006 Poster

Felicitations! Finally, the poster for the 10th anniversary peoples glorious 60 years is upon us:

the full long version to be printed on the 35.6cm paper

This year we were fortunate to have 'the people's reaper' looming in the background.


supplies to bring


*clear packing tape
*tape gun
*staple gun
*red construction paper
*markers or paint for eggs
*tiki torches
*camo or army looking clothes
*hats upon which to affix a red star or a hammer and sickle [such as a
cowboy hat, or a little green mao hat, or a construction worker helmet]
*anything communist

bring any of those things you can bring. but other people will be bringing
it too so don't worry. the party starts early at 1930hrs and that is the
time when we get our uniforms together and paint eggs. then we head out
2200hrs ish.